Why Satellite Communications?

TeleNet SCPC VSAT use SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier) technology. It’s network topology support point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connection, and offer a dedicated bandwidth for applications that require high traffic commucation with a continuous bit rate. The service may be used for data, voice and video communications.

Independent of Terrestrial Infrastructure

No local loop issue, VSAT can be installed directly at customer site. No terrestrial backhaul required.

Wide Area Coverage

The limitations of terrestrial lines in reaching remote and other difficult locations. VSAT offers unrestricted and unlimited reach. VSAT is located at your premises


The distance of VSAT remote location has nothing to do with the cost within satellite coverage area. The service charges depend on the bandwidth in line with the requirements. Whereas with a leased line you get a dedicated circuit in multiples of 64Kbps whether you need that amount of bandwidth or not

Ease of Implementation & Maintenance

VSAT networks offer enormous expansion capabilities. VSATs can be rapidly installed to support the network expansion to any site. The simply network topology offers ease of maintenance and troubleshooting.


Changes in the business environment, traffic loads, network configuration can be easily accommodated and performed

High Reliability

Up to 99.5 % is achievable on a VSAT network. This is significantly higher than the typical leased line.

Network Management

Network monitoring and control of the entire VSAT network is much simpler than a network of leased lines. A VSAT NMS easily integrates end-to-end monitoring and configuration control for all network subsystems.


VSAT network can provide maximum security level with the following parameters: operating frequency, data rate, modulation technique, encryption, etc.