TeleNet supported by experts and vast experience in telecommunication, provides total solution and services which such as:

As business is becoming more challenging, banking and finance organizations require more efficient, secure network and lower-cost infrastructure, while producing new revenues. TeleNet communication solution can manage transaction from branches, ATMs, and other finance transaction efficiently during low volume and high transmission.

Indonesia consists of many islands, to support government program, TeleNet Satellite solution is suitable for many islands that hard to reach by terrestrial technology, therefore some of the government programs able to reach to all corners of the Indonesia archipelago.

Market penetration for Cellular telecommunication operator is still continuously being developed to all corners of the Indonesia archipelago. To accommodate the penetration and implementation of BTS with small to large capacities in remote areas of the archipelago, TeleNet kindly proposes a Satellite Cellular Backhaul solution.

Oil & gas exploration and mining require active and reliable connection for remote operation more than ever. Critical mission and application such as real-time drilling data management, seismic information, data mining, live video on surveillance and the capability of network organization is very important. Therefore, TeleNet provides the right communication solution to fulfill these requirements.

Retail distribution and company consist of branches, warehouses, product distribution, point of sales, outlet, etc. TeleNet communication solutions, including VSAT can manage big and various database from company’s application, giving video streaming for employee training, to promotional digital content. With VSAT technology we can broadcast data to all outlets in the network, which results on price accuracy in all outlets

With the ever-increasing demand of consumers for a better quality TV broadcast, satellite communication system especially the application of digital video broadcasting satellite (DVB-S) has become a solution in broadcasting digital TV. This application is a satellite broadcast receiver media that is an input media for digital TV broadcast as a downlink signal received thorough antenna and later aired as a digital broadcast.

Telemedicine is one sector that uses telecommunication in medicine with the application of satellite technology in providing information and long-distance medical services. Nowadays the application of telemedicine uses VSAT technology to broadcast consultation between health facilities using video conference.