Ka Band Satellite Internet

Unbreakable with the broadest and strongest spectrum among its competitors.

Providing a large bandwidth capacity, this Ka-Band from TeleNet bolsters high-scale digital activities as needed by agencies, corporations, individuals, and start-up industries.


Download speeds of up to 60 Mbps load the need for unlimited fast internet access to support reliable connectivity.


Stability, speed, and broad bandwidth are supported by affordable service fees for customers.

TNET VSAT Ka-Band Package

Package UL/DL Usage Type
TNET 25 10/15 Household
TNET 40 10/30 4 Users
TNET 65 15/50 7 Users
TNET 80 20/60 10 Users
TNET 90 20/70 25 Users
TNET 120 20/100 60 Users