The priority of security and ease of data communication are the advantages offered by TeleNet VPN IP MPLS.


Virtual Private Network Internet Protocol (VPN IP) is a basic service from TeleNet for clients who need a private access network for limited groups and is difficult for outsiders to go through.


Enhanced by Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology, users can communicate data more quickly and easily.


MPLS IP VPN service is very effective and is recommended for users who need data access to several different points simultaneously in a fairly long-distance range.


With large bandwidth, low delay, and minimizing network disturbances, IP MPLS VPN is suitable for agencies and corporations operating in various sectors, especially the financial sector as the largest user.

TeleNet VPN-IP MPLS is suitable for:

  • High and low data traffic applications and multiple connections between headquarter and many branch offices
  • Delay sensitive applications such as ERP, CRM, etc
  • Intranet/Internet applications
  • Interactive and transactional applications


TeleNet VPN-IP MPLS specifications:

  • Using Multi Protocol label Switching (MPLS) technology
  • Data rate: 64 Kbps to 2048 Kbps
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) 99%
  • User interface: Ethernet IP
  • Utilizing last mile: copper wired, fiber optic, radio link or VSAT


TeleNet VPN-IP MPLS features:

  • Any-to-any connection
  • Security Level Guaranteed as supported with MPLS technology
  • Multi service including data, voice and video applications
  • Class of Services (CoS) package based on access media and data rate
  • Wide area coverage in Indonesia
  • End-to-end Quality of Service (QoS)