TeleNet Mobile VSAT

Is it true that Internet access for moving locations can only be fulfilled by cellular providers? No longer! TeleNet Mobile VSAT is here to break the stigma.


Community services that move from place to place, such as on-the-spot document processing (KTP, SIM, KK, Deed), library, and mobile internet, to mobile cash services from banking institutions require a data connection as the main support.


A very important connection to connect data communications from the location to the central data center. With work locations that move, of course, you can’t rely on the usual service, given the changing work locations.

TeleNet Mobile VSAT is designed to directly connect to the satellite when the connection button is pressed. The installation kit has been adapted to specific compatibility for car and container transport modes.


In particular, TeleNet Mobile VSAT can only be connected when the vehicle is stationary and not moving, in contrast to TeleNet Maritime VSAT which is designed to stay connected when the ship is sailing on the ocean.


However, TeleNet Mobile VSAT can be connected at any point in mainland Indonesia where there is no supporting infrastructure.


Allowing access anywhere and anytime, TeleNet Mobile VSAT is highly recommended for government and private agencies to provide on-the-spot services that are more practical and closer to the community.

Telenet Mobile VSAT Configuration